Incat Makes Interferry History

Incat makes Interferry history

Incat Tasmania has once again made history by hosting the largest ever Interferry technical tour.

With the 47th annual Interferry conference being held in Hobart, Incat Chairman Robert Clifford said Incat is the talk of the town and the entire industry

“We have captured the world’s attention by constructing the largest battery electric passenger and vehicle ferry and announcing our ambitions to make zero emission battery electric vessels more readily available for the world,” Mr Clifford said.

“This has resulted in around 300 representatives from the ferry industry converging on our shipyard to see the industry leading innovation happening at Incat.

Ferry industry heavyweights from around the globe are able to see the world’s largest battery electric ferry being built in person right here in Hobart.

We have also received significant interest after unveiling the first design of a series produced 70 metre battery electric ship and our intention to produce several of these vessels out of our shipyard every year.

Our plan is to revolutionise the world shipping industry once again by delivering more zero emission ships more efficiently than anyone else. This will benefit ferry owners, their customers, and importantly, our environment.

Having the world’s premier shipping conference in Hobart has presented an amazing opportunity to highlight to the entire ferry industry that Incat continues to set the global benchmark in aluminium ship technology.

We are the world leader and innovator of the high-speed ferry market and with a global focus on emissions reduction, we are well placed to help our customers transition to a zero emissions future through our cutting-edge construction methods.”

The world wants large, lightweight zero emission ships and we are scaling up our workforce in readiness for what will be a significant expansion.


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