A re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government to Support Incat

31 March 2021 – Media release

A re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government to Support Incat

Incat stands today to warmly welcome the commitment for a re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government to support Tasmanian jobs throughout the international disruptions caused to world markets.

Like many industries, be they marine or airline or other, international transport markets have been hit hard by the pandemic. Incat has not been immune from these impacts, with one large existing order being put on hold indefinitely, and other expected orders being shelved until travel markets around the world have returned to some sense of normality.

Incat has in such circumstance been working hard to secure on-going work for its 500 strong workforce, but is yet to find the new order required to keep everyone gainfully employed.

Following the recent announcement regarding the future on Bass Strait, a re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government has indicated that it would provide ongoing support for Incat and its highly skilled workforce. The assistance will be in the form of funding for the construction of a new, 120-metre high-speed craft, ready to be absorbed into the international marketplace when those markets are released from the shackles of Covid.

Government support in the form proposed will allow Incat to immediately prepare for and commence construction of a state-of-art 120-metre vessel, equipped with world-leading environmentally favoured machinery and characteristics which will see it much sought after by markets all around the world.

Most significantly, such a newbuild will not only see Incat’s current workforce of 500 persons gainfully employed in the period ahead, but will require the addition of up to 150 new employees. Critically, these will include 60 new apprentices directly employed by Incat over various trades, setting up the skill-base for many decades to come. Further, approximately 250 additional indirect jobs will be supported through local Tasmanian supply chains called upon to participate in the newbuild 120-metre vessel, the largest ever constructed by Incat, and sure to set the benchmark for many future vessels to come.

Incat’s Managing Director, Craig Clifford said: “We are very pleased with the confidence and support a re-elected Gutwein Liberal Government would provide, not only to our workforce and the product we produce, but to their shared confidence with us that the international market will rebound in the manner expected by all. That support will mean that not only will we be able to maintain current employee numbers, we’ll be increasing them, and most pleasingly of all, with a large number of additional apprentices. Thank you to Peter Gutwein and the Liberal party for providing this commitment to secure local jobs at Incat”.


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