A New Era for European High Speed Ferry Travel

Revolutionary Incat 112m Catamaran Ordered

MGC Chartering Limited and Australian aluminium high speed catamaran specialists Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd are pleased to announce an order for Incat’s third state-of-the-art 112 metre Wave Piercing Catamaran due for delivery in February 2009.

Incat Hull 066, the latest vessel in the successful 112 metre range from Incat, is specifically designed with the European ferry market in mind. The new craft will operate at speeds of approximately 40 knots while offering capacity for up to 417 cars or 567 lane metres of trucks and 195 cars. The stylish accommodation has been arranged to cater for 1200 persons in high levels of luxurious comfort.

The buyer, MGC Chartering, is an Irish based leasing company that can provide a wide range of financial solutions to ferry operators including longer term bareboat charters of both new and second hand vessels. MGC Chartering Director Darryl Tishler said “We have over 25 years of experience in aviation leasing and in founding MGC Chartering we have adapted that very successful aviation model to the needs of the ferry market. Our intention is to acquire quality assets like the Incat 112 metre wave piercing catamaran and then market a range of charter options to potential global operators, be they commercial or military.”

Mr Tishler added “in choosing the Incat 112 metre we have drawn other lessons from the aviation model, for example, the ever increasing importance of minimising fuel burn and environmental impact. The Incat 112 metre is built to be as light as possible, it consumes clean diesel fuel, for maximum efficiency it offers dual speed operation (23 or 40 knots), NOx emissions are <10g/kWh and importantly, it burns less fuel per cargo tonne per nautical mile than any other high speed ferry built to date. The economic and environmental credentials of the Incat 112 metre wave piercing catamaran are outstanding.”

The Incat 112 metre is the largest catamaran ever built in Australia and it provides unparalled seakeeping and passenger comfort even on rough open sea routes. Power is supplied by four MAN 20V 28/33D diesel engines, each rated 9000 kW at 1000 rpm and consuming <190g/kWh.

Hull 066 Principal particulars

Length overall: 112.60m
Beam (moulded): 30.50m
Draught: approximately 3.93m
Speed: approximately 40 knots
Fuel consumption: 116 litres per nautical mile @23 knots and 950 tonnes deadweight
143 litres per nautical mile @23 knots and 1450 tonnes deadweight
185 litres per nautical mile @38 knots and 900 tonnes deadweight
Deadweight: Up to 1450 tonnes
Total persons: 1200 persons
Vehicle Deck: 567 truck-lane metres plus 195 cars or a total of 417 cars.