First Large Incat Vessel For Taiwan Strait

Incat is delighted with the news that the Fujian Cross Strait Ferry Corporation has selected a Wave Piercing Catamaran built in Tasmania as the answer to its high speed aspirations for Taiwan Strait.
The 98 metre Wave Piercing Catamaran The Cat, Incat Hull 059, has arrived in China following her delivery voyage from Canada, via the Panama Canal. Built in 2002 the vessel has been operating for Bay Ferries since leaving Hobart that year.

The large ocean going catamaran has space for up to 900 persons, 267 cars and operates at speeds of up to 38 knots. A mix of cars and cargo may also be carried with 380 metres of lane space available for trucks or buses.

Once in service later this year The Cat will operate for Fujian Cross Strait Ferry Corporation between Pingtan Island, in the Fujian Province of PRC, and Taipei, Taiwan. Until then, and while shore facilities are built, the vessel is being used for promotional exercises and crew training.

“The use of high speed ferries carrying vehicles as well as passengers between China and Taiwan is something that has been foreshadowed for several years” said Incat Chairman Robert Clifford.

“The arrival of The Cat in China heralds a new start for services across Taiwan Strait.
The Cat comes from Incat’s highly successful range of large ocean-going catamarans classed up to a significant wave height of 5 metres.”