A Double first for Incat and MAN B&W Diesel Ltd – Joint Press Release from Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd and MAN B&W Diesel Ltd

Incat Tasmania is pleased to announce the receipt of an order for the first Evolution One12 Series 112 metre Wave Piercing Catamaran from Incat USA. Construction will commence shortly, in Hobart, with delivery programmed for 2004.

The vessel will be capable of carrying up to 1500 tonnes deadweight and will be the largest diesel powered fast craft in the world.

Incat Tasmania have selected four 20RK280 MAN B&W engines to provide the 36 megawatts required to power the vessel at speeds of up to 50 knots. Each 20-cylinder RK280 engine is rated for continuous operation at 9,000KWb at 1000 rpm for this application.

Also commencing construction at the Incat Tasmania Hobart yard will be a further Evolution 10B 98 metre vessel for delivery in the first half of 2004. The 700 tonne deadweight vessel will be powered by four 16RK280 engines each providing 7200 kW at 1000 rpm.

The choice of the MAN B&W RK280 series engines for these vessels enables the continued evolution of large, fast vessels, further enhancing the technology and economics of operation of these craft.

They will be the first Incat vessels powered by RK280 engines continuing over 15 years of successful co-operation between Incat Tasmania, MAN B&W Diesel Limited and their customers.

Further information contact:

Justin Merrigan, Marketing/Public Relations, Incat
Tel: +61 3 6273 0677
Email: incat@incat.com.au

Roger Buckingham, Publicity Manager MAN B&W Diesel Ltd
Tel: +44 161 419 3168
Email: roger.buckingham@manbwltd.com