The world’s most effective ride control systems are installed on Incat

Wave Piercing Catamarans to ensure passenger comfort and safety.

Since the year 2000 Incat vessels (from hull number 056) have been fitted with the revolutionary, award winning retractable T-foil, positioned at the aft end of the centre bow.


The T-foil is used in combination with two transom mounted trim tabs providing ride control forces equivalent to a pair of keel mounted T-foils ensuring a smooth ride in heavy seas.


The retractable T-foil is used only when it is needed, hence there is less drag to slow the ship, with resultant savings in fuel and less chance of the foil striking a submerged object.


The T-foil can be retracted in calm seas and the ride control system switched off.  In moderate seas the ride control system is activated and only uses the trim tabs with the T-foil still stowed inside the ship. In high seas, the T-foil is deployed and the full capability of the

ride control system is brought to bear on maximising passenger comfort.


Vessels are also equipped with trim tabs, a hydraulically operated device to assist high speed craft to accelerate lift, reducing pitch

and roll, thus improving passenger-ride and comfort.


Flexible rubber mounts between superstructure and hull ensures a minimum of noise and vibration permeate the climate controlled passenger cabin, maintaining an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.


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