Australian shipbuilder Incat is

renowned for construction of

highspeed lightweight catamarans.





Sitting at the cutting edge of environmentally friendly craft

Incat provide optimal lightweight ship solutions for ferry

operators, special service providers and militaries. From fast,

flexible and efficient vehicle-passenger ferries to high-speed

military support vessels, crew ships and dynamic platforms,

Incat sets the global benchmark in aluminium ship technology.


With the continuing emphasis on eco operations and fuel

efficiency Incat has continued to develop the breed with

lightweight, environmentally friendly fuel-efficient ships

carrying heavier vehicle loads than ever before and at the

lowest operational costs.


Incat’s shipyard is on Prince of Wales Bay at Derwent Park

near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. The facility incorporates

more than 70,000 m2 of undercover production halls, with two

dry-dock areas capable of accommodating up to six vessels

under construction. A reputation for quality and excellence

in production is supported by an experienced and dedicated



Incat takes ownership of the customer’s specific needs ensuring on-time delivery of the right ship for the right job.




P: +61 3 6271 1333

F: + 61 3 6273 0932



Head Office & Shipyard:

Incat Australia Pty Ltd

18 Bender Drive, Derwent Park,

Hobart, Tasmania, 7009



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